Ij.start.canon is a URL path that will lead you to download the setup of Canon printer drivers. In addition, this site is the official website of canon specially made to solve the customers’ issues regarding the installation of the drivers of canon printers when he follows the path related to the ij start canon setup. Ij means inkjet printers, i.e., printers that print using the link present in liquid form in the cartridge of your printer.

IJ.Start.Canon - Ij Start Canon Setup - Canon IJ Setup

Normally, ij start canon offers two kinds of printers which are laserjet and inkjet. Both are professional types in their workspace and efficiency. However, most people residing in their homes require a printer for a small scale of work. So inkjet printers are the best suitable printers for them. And, they must purchase the inkjet printer, especially the Canon inkjet printer, as it is productive and user-friendly with low cost and low issues faced. So purchase the canon printer now and follow the guide to download, install and create a printout using the procedure given below.

How to set up the WiFi of ij.start.canon Pixma TS3300 printer directly with Windows 10 device?

To set up the WiFi of the Canon Pixma TS3300 printer directly with Windows 10 device follow the process given below:-

Step 1:- Download the driver of the Canon TS3300 printer for windows 10:

Follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, to download the driver open the browser of your Windows 10 device.
  • After that, in the search tap, type ij.start.canon.
  • Then, search for it.
  • In the following step, the official page will open.
  • Afterward, there you will find the Setup option, click on it.
  • The next page will be to choose the model number or the serial number of your printer.
  • Then, choose the model number or serial number and click on the Go option.
  • After that, you will need to choose the device for which you want to download the driver.
  • That’s, choose your device, Windows 10.
  • Then, click on the Download option.
  • Nextly, downloading the setup will begin.
  • Lastly, you will see the downloaded setup in the downloads folder.

Step 2:- Turn on the WiFi of the ij.start.canon printer and connect the printer to Windows 10:

For this follow the steps below:

  • Initially, switch on your Canon TS3300 printer.
  • Tab and hold the printer's power button till the green light blinks.
  • After that, when the printer's green light blinks, it means the printer is ON.
  • Nextly, tap and hold the wireless or WiFi button of the printer for about 15 seconds.
  • Further, on the LCD screen of the printer, you will find the WiFi range.
  • Now, your printer WiFi is On and ready to connect to the Windows 10 device driver.
  • In the following step, now visit the setup and double click on it.
  • Afterward, run the setup.
  • After this, Agree with the Agreement and terms.
  • Later, click on the Install option.
  • Then, tap on the Start setup option.
  • Consequently, click on the Next option.
  • After that, the whole process may take some time.
  • Here, read the license and Agreement.
  • Then after reading it, click on the Agree option.
  • Choose the WiFi connection and then click on the Next option on the next page.
  • Subsequently, click on the Next option.
  • Then, again go for the Next option.
  • Here, tap and hold the WiFi button on the printer that we have already done.
  • After that, click on the Next option.
  • Now you find it is connected.
  • After that, click on the Next option.
  • Then, wait for the drivers to install.
  • Thereafter, you are ready to print page will open.
  • Followingly, there go for the Next option.
  • Also, then go for a test print for taking a test printout from your printer.
  • Lastly, the Canon TS3300 printer is connected wirelessly to Windows 10 device.

How to set up the ij.start.canon TS3300 printer scanning and take a printing review?

You need to follow the process below to set up the Canon TS3300 printer scanning and the printing review:

  • After finishing the connection, click on the Next option.
  • After that, additional settings will appear.
  • Then, you need to click on the Continue Online option on the following page.
  • Here it will take you to the canon website.
  • Now go back, that's it.
  • Here you will be on your Windows 10 desktop.
  • Followingly, from the desktop, click on the Start option.
  • Then, in the start menu, you will find the ij scan utilities.
  • After that, click on it to open it.
  • Here you will get several options for scanning that as Scan documents, photos, etc.
  • Then,  click on the document option.
  • Thereafter, it will open the scanner.
  • Here navigate the document or page you need to scan into your TS3300 printer.
  • Followingly, wait for the scanning to be done.
  • when the scanning is over, you can click on the Exit option.
  • Now the scanned page will be shown on your Windows 10 screen.
  • After that, click on the Print option.
  • Later, the document will print from your printer TS3300.